Musicians on a Mission. Sound Art changes young lives through music. We catalyze a child's raw creativity through the mentoring power of professional musicians.

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It may all sound like Rock to you but it's no different from any other musical learning. Mozart used the same 12 notes. Learning about music is a worthy task, ancient and venerable in its scope. More/
Bancroft Middle School - Lunch Time Show
As you watch this bear in mind that all of these students are beginners - they have Sound Art classes twice a week and this show happened at the end of last school year - Spring 2013More/
Meet the Students, Part 1
One thing that happens in every Sound Art class is that each student, as an individual, has a meaningful experience that touches aspects of their lives beyond playing an instrument and learning about music. Of course, to witness More/


Jeff Smith.
Bass/ Insects vs. Robots.
Justin David.
Instrumentalist/ Paper Pilots.
Frankie Bernstein.
METAPHASE/Lucent Dossier.
Jana Bocchieri.
Samson Correa.
Liv Marsico.
Professional Drummer.
Lincoln Mendell.
Gray Bashew.
Multi Instrument/ Composer.
The pictures you see here are of the people who teach our classes. As you scroll over you’ll see that all of them are musicians and professionals. Get to know us and join the Sound Art Alliance. Be a voice for good!

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